Hi, my name is Jyme Ujcich, and I am a landscape artist.

Art is about color, shape, size, and texture. I believe landscape design should encompass all of this and more. It is about sustainability and taking advantage of what nature gives to us. It moderates our temperature, pollution and water use with large shade trees that thrive in our climate and soil. It creates our own micro-climates with ornamental trees, plants and shrubs that compliment each other today and ten years from now. Imagine a sustainable mix of evergreens, colorful perennials, and statuesque forms of shade and light that can be enjoyed every season of the year. The result is a natural and relaxing extension of where you live, and where you work. But, most importantly, a landscape design is first about you. That’s just natural.

What's offered at Naturalscape Design?

Landscape design can be applied everywhere; whether urban or country, commercial or residential. It requires a balance of horticulture, architecture, efficient irrigation and drainage, lighting, soil amendments, and recommended maintenance. This is what I do. Projects can vary from initial design layout to final installation and include:

Landscape Design
Tree Pruning and Disease Control
Waterwise Irrigation Installation/Renovation
Stonework – Retaining Walls, Pathways, Patios
Woodwork & Ironwork – Trellises, Pergolas, Decks
Tree, Shrub and Bed Installation
Landscape Lighting
Homeowner Association Maintenance